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On the question, whether Bera is patriot or not, his response is that he is patriot from head to toe. In fact Bera is completely devoted to his country. Even in his Songs , Bera openly expresses that he is ready to do everything in favor of Georgia. Even though, he spent his childhood in Paris and reached the zenith of his success in United States, he always returns back to Georgia and while he is apart from his homeland, he really misses his country. As Bera implies, no matter where he goes, and no matter how comfortable the apartments or hotels are, for him, sweetest place is Tbilisi. Here he feels really at home in his own skin. It’s strange how, with the bunch of work abroad, Bera never stops thinking about Georgia. “When I’m in America, I always have lot of work. In the evening or late at night when I become exhausted and feel that it’s time to relax, my relaxation is thinking about my country, looking at old pictures, remembering sweet memories or calling my relatives. When I do so, my heart is filled with enthusiasm and I remember what I am fighting for. My primary goal is to make my country a better place and this makes me motivated for struggle.” Says Bera in one of the interviews.

Bera is a dreamer. He implies that his career would not be as successful as it is now, if he did not love daydreaming. “I’ve been a dreamer from childhood. Once when I was about to sleep, suddenly I started singing a song I have never herad before. Soon I realized that I myself was composing this song and words came along as I thought about it. As I continued, I imagined how the lyrics of my song popped up in my mind. I became scared that I would forget everything so I quickly jumped from my bad, took a pencil and started writing dawn the lyrics. The strangest thing is, I did not remember the popular song next day but fortunately I had everything written dawn so as I reread it, I remembered everything and this became extremely successful phenomena in my life. After that I started composing songs not only in my dreams but also in reality. Dreams gave me some kind of push towards future career and gave me a hint that I should lead my life in that particular way. For that I am extremely thankful and I consider that dreams actually have even greater role in our lives than we imagine.

Bera has lot of fans. Most of them are girls who have posters all over their rooms and dream about autographs or selfies with their favorite singer. This is a dream for every teenager nowadays. Everybody dreams to be surrounded by so many girls. In fact, Bera has all this attention but still he has no relationship with anyone. On one interview Bera was asked about his private life and whether he plans to start serious relationship with anyone. “I don’t have and I don’t plan to start a relationship. At this part of life, I am completely devoted to my career and I don’t want anything to disturb me. I can even say that music is my wife and I stay completely devoted to my “wife” and I don’t plan to cheat on her. When person has a certain goal, different things may stand in front of this goal but he or she should stay concentrated. In my opinion if person has serious relationship, one cannot balance between career and relationship and becomes mixed. I don’t want it to happen in my case. Of course I cannot say anything for sure and I don’t exclude the idea that person can fall in love without planning it, but still at this point, it is not one of my priorities. Mostly I like Georgian girls and I am nearly sure that I’m going to marry Georgian girl because I don’t think that American will understand me, my family and our traditions as well as will Georgian. We have different views on many things and if someone won’t except and understand me it will be difficuilt to build relationship no matter how strong the love is”.

Bera was once asked about his perfect day. His response was that the best day for him was the one, spent with his family. “I like spending time with my small brother especially. We go out play and talk about everything. Even though he is 6 years old, he understands me in everything and we can discuss every single issue that bothers me. I am really proud that I can be so open with my brother and he also, shares with every problem he has and later we settle and think about possible ways to improve every single problem that bothers us.”

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Even more of a scrumptious and gory time suck than your grandma’s driving tutorial, Pleased Tires is an afternoon of fun and also it is completely complimentary. Take control of an unfortunate spirit and attempt to pilot them throughout of this hazardous physics video game with at least several of their arm or legs still connected. Trickling with dark wit and lots of concealed jokes, you’ll play degrees over and over just to capture exactly what you missed. With over 100 various 2048 Cupcakes video games, the enjoyable appears unlimited yet it doesn’t stop there. There is a custom-made level building contractor to design your personal vicious race tracks to test and also torment your friends.


The basic controls are straightforward. Onward is speed up, backwards is decelerate, left and appropriate is lean. Area is the main action which generally matches to leap or a rate boost. Control and also shift are alternative controls utilized only in several of the Cubefield games. ‘Z’ will certainly expel you which enables you to engage with various other objects as well as finish the game in some instances. These controls are used in different ways relying on which video game is picked. Normally the controls match to the car being utilized. An example would be in Disorder City, choosing the fatso in the gyroscope involves consuming as throttle, after that turning the vehicle left and right to control the instructions. Similarly Santa or Homeless Joe do not have flying controls Duck Life 4 on, yet just move on with up and use room bar unique capacities to traverse voids.


As a physics Run 3 game, understanding pressures is a great way to having fun and not get annoyed by all of a sudden being beheaded over and over.

Very first point to recognize is your body. If you drop as well fast, anticipate to lose a leg– no worry. Oh, there goes an arm. Soon, you are a little piece of meat holding on by one arm. It’s okay to get a little attack, however the even worse off you are the tougher it will have the ability to finish the degree, and also it will perhaps interrupt several of the return man 3 physics series too. Try not to shed your head, as after that you can’t control your lorry.

Remember, every game is different though they get on the very same engine, neglect just what you recognize from the previous Play Free impossible quiz games and method every one with an open mind. If you are having troubles, just attempt to bear in mind the physics below it.

Last but not least, understanding the glitch-walk. Being a physics based video game, there are tiny ventures you could attempt. Notification that pressing room bar in the air when utilizing the Segway makes a little pop? That enables you to embark on of wall surfaces and carry out some crazy maneuvers. Seek these little exploits to get to new locations on Tunnel Rush or get rid of hard difficulties.

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Absolutely nothing is much better than complimentary games. If you liked Satisfied Tires, we obtained plenty a lot more that you can play Free Online Games all day daily. Contend with close friends as well as see who could obtain the greatest score in between you.